Verse 1/
We been so long together now, what would I do without you?
It’s not what you can do for me baby I say, what can I do for you?
You only make me happy with things that you do
You belong with me and I belong with you
You’re never far from me you’re always there
To help me chase away my blues
Refrain 1/
And I love you, and I want you by my side
And I need you, because you keep me satisfied

Verse 2/
You dawn on me like a shaft of light
Like a blessing from above
You calm my jungle fever baby
You got the warn heart of a dove
We nearly died together, but we wrote this tune
Don’t look back now baby, walk away from the ruin
You’ve still got me I’m like the sun
You’re like the moon
Refrain 2/
And I love you, and I know you’ll see me through
Because you’re good to me baby, and know I’m good to you

(instrumental break for another verse, and refrain)

Verse 3/
You and me baby, we’re like two peas in a pod
Well the sound of your love making baby, to me is the voice of my god
You don’t ever talk back; you don’t bring me no pain
You’re like the sunshine in a world full of rain
Baby you’re my measure, and together is how we’ll remain
Refrain 3/
And I love you, and know you understand
And you need me, like a woman she needs a man

Instrumental end